Why Does Licensed HBCU Apparel Matter?

Why Does Licensed HBCU Apparel Matter?

Have you ever bought something and wondered if it was legit? How do you know if your new favorite accessory is the real deal or a bootleg? Maybe you've even wondered why it even matters in the first place. 

It's one thing to turn heads while repping your HBCU. It's another to get frequent double takes because someone forgot to put the "p" in Hampton University...With new trends being created every day and a product being sold behind almost all of them, purchasing choices are everywhere. We'll help you know how to look for the real ones.

Black & Scholared is a proud, licensed apparel partner of Howard University, Hampton University and Morgan State University, but what does that mean? As a licensed collegiate vendor, 12%-15% of our merchandise sales goes directly to the licensed institutions, supporting the next generation of leaders. To make a long story short, we share an agreement about the branded products sold here. We consult on design, price and sale location. In other words, we work together to make sure it's all in alignment so everyone benefits. Licensed apparel is great for the institution, the artist and you

While most companies profit from sales of the licensed apparel -- large, for-profit companies often have entire departments committed to designing, producing and protecting their licensed products. But not every company has those resources. In that case, they usually outsource these projects. This is a way that incredible, creative and  oftentimes independent artists get to share the skills and reach tons of people with their work. A deal like that could change an artist's life. Since licensed apparel requires collaboration, there have to be high standards to make sure you're getting what you're paying for. Search for the trademark licensing seal on your new item to ensure it's official. 

Black & Scholared has been proudly selling licensed apparel since 2020 and plans to keep it up. Check out BlackandScholared.com to see what's up.  If you'd like to see your school in our store, request your HBCU here.

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