5 Back-to-School Fashion Ideas You Need to Cop Right Now

5 Back-to-School Fashion Ideas You Need to Cop Right Now

You know what time it is. It’s time to hit the yard, stroll the stage, and crown the homecoming queen. School's back in session. Having an ordinary fashion vibe won't do. When you walk across campus, you've got to have all the fashion accoutrements. Here are 5 Back-to-School fashion ideas you need to cop right now.


  1. Hoodies & Sweatshirts – Whether you're going on a casual night out, dressed for a chilly night, or just lounging around the house, a hoodie or sweatshirt is a must-have item of clothing.
  2. Jeans – If you're a fashionista, you need jeans. Whether they're break-ins or brand new, jeans go with anything.
  3. Accessories – Accessorize your outfit with a chain/necklace, earrings, watch, or bag. From drab to fab, these small touches will transform your outfit.
  4. T-Shirts – Whether you want to make a statement or add a little edge to your fit, graphic t-shirts are an easy addition to your wardrobe.  In order for your wardrobe to be complete, you must have Black & Scholared in it. Be proud of your HBCU when you cross the quad. 
  5. Shoes – To top off a fit, shoes are the icing on the cake. From sexy stilettos to stylish kicks, your shoe game needs to be on point.


It goes without saying that looking good leads to feeling good.  Your style should reflect who you are inside and out.  “Seek fashion which truly fits and benefits you. You will always be in fashion if you are true to yourself, and only if you are true to yourself” – Maya Angelou.


By: L. A. Brown

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